Major Life Event Decision Support

Major Life Event Decision Support

Every now and then you have to make big decisions and you can feel uncertain and overwhelmed by the implications. We stand ready to help you think through many of life’s tough decisions such as:

    • Buying a house: Should you buy or rent? If you are going to buy, how much house can you afford? What size and what type mortgage should you get? What is a realistic total cost of ownership including taxes, insurance, maintenance, and major repairs?

    • Starting a business: How will starting a business impact your long-term financial well-being? What if it doesn’t work? Can you afford to take the risk?

    • Starting a family: How will your life and finances change? What new expenses will you incur and what new obligations will you have?

    • Refinancing: The mortgage salesperson tells you that you can get a lower rate and lower your monthly payments. That’s great! But, maybe not. We can help you understand the pros and cons of refinancing, when it makes sense, and when it doesn’t.

    Whatever major questions or decisions you face, we are here to help you think them through and understand the financial implications.

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