The planning process starts with helping you to articulate what is most important to you (e.g., getting married, leaving a legacy, starting a family, retiring early, starting a new business, etc.).

The next step is understanding where you are today – a clear understanding of current facts is critical to building a realistic plan. What are your assets and liabilities, what is your net worth, how much income do you have, how much are you spending?

Now that we know where you are, where you want to go, and what you have to work with, we can help you build a plan that makes clear what you need to do today and tomorrow to achieve your goals as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

Planning is not like it used to be. Just a few years ago, planning was an analytical tool that helped salespersons sell financial products. While that kind of planning is still practiced by some, we utilize a completely different type of planning.

Our planning is long term, continuous, easily updated, and capable of comparing multiple complex scenarios to help you make the best decisions you can make to ensure your future is unfolding as planned. As your life circumstances change, we update your plan and revisit whether you need to make any changes in your lifestyle to stay on track.

Our plans consider your entire life including:

  • All assets,
  • All liabilities,
  • All cash flows,
  • Foreseeable cash needs for known major events (e.g., college, weddings, retirement, inheritance, etc.),
  • Uncontrollable events (e.g., a market downturn, major medical issues, disability, premature death, etc.),
  • Investment strategy, and
  • Estate distribution (i.e., how your assets would be distributed in the event of your and/or your spouse’s death).
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